Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Chicken Curry Salad - The Lunch Box

The Lunch Box serves up the heavyweight of chicken curry salad sandwiches. I've had this particular sandwich a dozen times -- a very generous helping, the curry is delightful and consistent. Served on thickly sliced toasted cinnamon raisin bread, garnished with sprouts, green leaf lettuce and a touch of red onion -- this sandwich is worth getting to know.

Website: The Lunch Box
Yelp: The Lunch Box - Yelp

The Lunch Box
8751 La Mesa Blvd.
La Mesa, CA 91941


  1. I like chicken salad more than ice cream.

  2. I tried this after reading about it here on Eatsandwiches.com and am more than impressed! This is possibly the BEST chicken curry salad sandwich in North America!

    -The WICHking of Angmar-

  3. THE best sandwich there.